Ten Reasons You Need to Attend the National Conference

John Street
Excitement is building for the National Conference of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors this year and there is good reason. It is the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of October (October 6-8, 2014). This is the year to attend this conference even if you have attended in the past, but especially if you have never attended. Why am I so confident? Let me share with you ten clear... Read More →

God and the Gay Christian?

Heath Lambert
Today Matthew Vines will release a controversial new book called, God and the Gay Christian, that attempts to reverse the Church’s moral position on homosexuality. In the book, he looks at several key biblical passages and tries to explain that they address isolated acts of homosexual lust, rather than patterns of homosexual orientation that we know today. He intends to persuade the church that it is... Read More →

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness? Part 4

Heath Lambert
In this post I want to talk about the relationship of suffering to the spiritual issues that our culture often refers to as mental illness. At times the biblical counseling movement has received a bad rap for equating the kinds of spiritual issues on the table in counseling with sin. I want to make clear that sins aren’t the only kinds of spiritual issues... Read More →

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness? Part 3

Heath Lambert
Jesus, Healing, and the Spiritual Nature of Mental Illness In Part 1 of this series I discussed the difficulty of defining mental illness because it is not a concrete object, but an abstract idea that is open to interpretation by many different people. I suggested that Believers must understand mental illnesses as spiritual issues. In Part 2, I showed from the Scriptures that it is appropriate to talk about... Read More →