Scripture Memorization in Counseling

The Word of God has the power to change lives. Susan Heck helps us lay hold of that power to change by discussing the importance of Scripture memorization in counseling....... Read More →

The Pursuit of a Personal Utopia

When life doesn't turn out the way we want, we often look for ways to change ourselves or our circumstances. Julie Ganschow speaks truthfully and helpfully about how to counsel those with a discontented heart....... Read More →

Listening to Depression

The CDC reports that at any given moment, 8% of the population in the United States is suffering from depression. In fact, it is said that one in four Americans (almost 80 million people) will meet the criteria for major depression in their lifetime. I have sat with countless people who are depressed in my role as a pastor and a counselor and even have a significant history of it...... Read More →

The Mind of an Addict

Ever wonder what an “addict” is thinking? How can they continue living this way? When will they stop the insanity? Can they stop? What is causing this downward spiral? In the workshop I teach at the ACBC Annual Conference, The Mind of an Addict, I address five basic mentalities driving the heart to make addictive choices and strive to answer these questions and more. Addictive thinking...... Read More →

Fear and Worry

Some sins are so common among Christians they have become acceptable behavior. All too often, sin isn’t even called “sin” anymore. Take worry for example. It’s typically described as “over thinking something,” “feeling uneasy,” or as being “concerned.” Think about the devoted mother with her constant late night watches at the window until her child arrives...... Read More →