Statement of Policy Regarding Gender, Sexuality, and Counseling from the ACBC Board

As we prepare for our annual conference and pre-conference in 2015 the board of ACBC recently drafted a statement on gender, sexuality, and counseling. Biblical counselors are ministering in a time of unprecedented controversy concerning matters of sexuality in general, and homosexuality in particular. At ACBC we are eager to clarify and reassert our biblical convictions when it comes to dealing with these issues in the context of counseling....... Read More →

ACBC 2015 Annual Conference

Heath Lambert
Why a Conference on Homosexuality? This week ACBC is announcing its 2015 annual conference on biblical counseling. We are excited that our conference will be devoted to helping those who struggle with homosexual desires. If homosexuality is not the most controversial topic in our culture right now then it certainly comes close. It can be dangerous to host an entire conference about a topic that inspires such anger, confusion,...... Read More →

ACBC Membership Covenant Update

Heath Lambert
Friends and Members of ACBC, The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors is at the beginning of our annual process of membership renewal. This is a crucial time in the life of our organization as our membership reaffirms their commitment to our standards of counseling doctrine and practice. The central way our members accomplish this reaffirmation is by signing our ACBC membership covenant. The covenant expresses the commitment of...... Read More →

Statement Regarding Mental Disorders, Medicine, and Counseling from ACBC

I. Mental Disorders and Biblical Counseling We live in a broken world full of people suffering with profound trouble and intense pain. One manifestation of that brokenness is the problem that our culture recognizes as mental disorder. Increasing numbers of people are diagnosed with these complex difficulties, which require wisdom and multi-faceted care. We confess that, too often, the church of Jesus Christ has not been recognized as...... Read More →