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Ten Reasons You Need to Attend the National Conference Free ResourceJohn Street

Excitement is building for the National Conference of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors this year and there...

God and the Gay Christian? Free ResourceHeath Lambert

Today Matthew Vines will release a controversial new book called, God and the Gay Christian, that attempts to...

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness? Part 4 Free ResourceHeath Lambert

In this post I want to talk about the relationship of suffering to the spiritual issues that our...

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness? Part 3 Free ResourceHeath Lambert

Jesus, Healing, and the Spiritual Nature of Mental Illness In Part 1 of this series I discussed the difficulty...

We Can Do Better Than This: Speaking Truth in Love in an Internet Age Free ResourceHeath Lambert

More Heat Than Light I was so disappointed when David Murray ...

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness? Part 2 Free ResourceHeath Lambert

“Mental Illnesses” are Spiritual Issues In my previous post I tried to demonstrate that mental illness...

Can Jesus Heal Mental Illness? Free ResourceHeath Lambert

One of the questions we get asked a lot in the biblical counseling movement concerns whether Jesus can...

Homosexuality, Religious Liberty, and the Counseling Implications for a Culture in Crisis Free ResourceHeath Lambert

Vetoing Religious Liberty On Wednesday, February 26, Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, vetoed state Senate Bill 1062. The bill sought...

In Memory of Dr. Laura Hendrickson Free ResourceHeath Lambert

I was so sad when I received the news that Dr. Laura Hendrickson passed away on Monday, February 24....

Who Is the Ken Ham of the Biblical Counseling Movement? Free ResourceHeath Lambert

Posing a Question David Murray has some stimulating thoughts on his ...

The Creation Debate and The Counseling Wars Free ResourceHeath Lambert

The Debate Between Ken Ham and Bill Nye In the aftermath of the debate last night between Ken...

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